Chizuru Kineya

Chizuru Kineya with Shamisen

Chizuru Kineya (稀音家千鶴) is a Nagauta Shamisen artist and an accredited master of the instrument from the legendary Kineya Shamisen family. Chizuru started traditional Nagauta Shamisen studies at the age of 6 and has been performing professionally in the mainstream Japanese music and performing arts scene. In addition to her regular appearances at the National Theater of Japan, she has been active in workshops for regional schools and media to educate the general public of the nearly 400 year history of shamisen tradition. She has also collaborated with contemporary classical musicians.

Frequently collaborating with Master Chizuru Kineya is Master Satomayu Kineya. Satomayu Kineya is an explorer of new education of Nagauta and traditional shamisen music. She is shamisen instructor at Sankei University in Tokyo and leads several Nagauta shamisen ensembles as part of a dedication to the advancement of traditional music education.